Super Wings World Airport Playset, Includes 2″ Transform-a-Bot Jett and Donnie Figures , Preschool Educational Learning Toys for Boys And Girls Age 3 4 5 6, Birthday Gifts For Kids

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Super Wings

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  • Detailed design – Open the left cabin on the first floor to show the lovely backage turntable and the screen which shows the boarding time. Open the right cabin, there is a mini elevator lifting platform. The aircraft can directly reach the second floor by taking lift which is in the middle. The second floor of the airport is equipped with mini turntable and super radar for receiving signals at the airport. The slide rails on both sides are used for aircraft launch! The third floor is the control room of Jimbo. What is more, there is a fly-bar used for Super Wings to spin around in a circle.
  • Super Fun for Kids Ages 3 and Up – Children just need to place the figure aircraft into the lift at the back of the playset for rising it to the second floor, and then they can launch the figure from the ramps on both sides! Kids can attach the figures to the fly-bar on the top of the playset, spin them around in a circle, and release them to come in for a landing at the World Airport. The control tower, which requires 2 AAA batteries, can make electronic sounds & lights to increase interest during playing.
  • Safe and High-quality Material – The playset for kids is made of high-quality ABS and POM plastics that are non-toxic and meet all safety tests. The edges and tips are smooth and round without hurting the hands of kids. What is more, the strong impact resistance of Super Wings toys make it durable and avoid being destroyed by kids during play.
  • Include – This 35” set includes two mini 2″ transforming figures, Jett and Donnie, which easily transform from robots to planes. The Super Wings World Airport won’t fly short of any expectations for a super fun playset, it will soar higher than any before.

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