Super Wings 5″ Transforming Toys 5-Pack, Supercharged Jett, Supercharged Paul, Supercharged Dizzy, Golden Boy & Sunny Airplane Toys Action Figures, Preschool Toy Plane for 3 4 5 Year Old Kids

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Super Wings

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  • About the 5-pack Super Wings set – The special edition gift pack includes 5 fan-favorite characters from season 4: Supercharged Jett, Paul, Dizzy and season 5: Supercharged Golden Boy and Sunny. Collect 2 new characters in Season 5, including Golden Boy and Sunny. Each 5″ figure transforms is sold on Amazon separately.
  • Perfect Gift Set for Kids – Each 5″ figure can transforms from plane to bot in just 10 easy steps and features real working wheels. These transforming airplane robot toys and playsets are perfect birthday or holiday gifts for kids, especially for 3-8 year olds who love to pretend play flying with a favorite type of plane toy to explore new places. Airplane toys will be sure to keep them happy playing as their imagination soars!
  • Safe and No Batteries Required – The Super Wings toys for preschool kids take care of every fan who loves them, with a smooth, rounded toy finish that won’t hurt your kid’s hands. We choose non-toxic, odorless, high-quality eco-friendly ABS material that meets all safety tests. No batteries are required, Kids can easily switch the figure between two different forms of plane and robot.
  • Drop-Resistant and Portable – The strong impact resistance of Super Wings action figures make them durable enough to avoid being damaged by kids while playing. This Super wings 5-Pack toy set is convenient for children to play indoors and outdoors. Not matter you change into the Super Wings transforming planes or the Super Wings transforming robot, it’s portable for your kids to keep it play. This Superwings toy is easy to store as a whole.
  • More parent-child interaction – Let’s join Jett and his lovable transforming friends, perfect for re-enacting missions from the TV show. Super wings hope to provide parents with more opportunities for parent-child interaction. It is a professional toy company that devotes to manufacturing quality toys, enabling to cultivate children’s creativity, imagination and hands-on ability.
  • Collect all of your favorite Super Wings team heroes for new adventures around the world! 7 new characters in Season 4, including, Supercharged Jett, Supercharged Dizzy, Supercharged Paul, Supercharged Astra, Supercharged Donnie, Bucky, and Crystal. Collect 3 new characters in Season 5, including Golden Boy, Sunny, Leo. Each is sold separately.

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